Starting Levels

Moomin Language School has different starting levels so students with previous knowledge of the foreign language can also learn with the service. The default level is Level 1 which doesn't assume any previous knowledge of the language. If your students are more advanced in the foreign language, you can adjust their starting level to suit their progress. Below is a description of our starting levels and the instructions on how to adjust them in our Webtool.

Level descriptions

When deciding which level your students should start on, take a look at the level descriptions below. If it seems like the themes and phrases are already familiar to your students, move on to the next level. Once you commit to a level, your students will be directed to the first day of the first week of that level, but all the previous days and weeks will be open to them. If they seem to be struggling, you can always direct them backward in the application. A good idea is to navigate to the last chapter test, which should be one step back from their starting point. If they struggle with the test, it might be a good idea to move them back to the beginning of that chapter.

Level 1

Chapters 1-3 Weeks 1-13

This is the default, beginner level that your students should start at if they have no English skills or are very young and still learning to use a tablet. On this level the students are introduced to fundamental, everyday vocabulary and the simplest conversational sentences. No previous foreign language skills required!

Themes: family, home, nature, animals, food and drink, kindergarten, home, vehicles, traffic, shopping

Level 2

Chapters 4-7 Weeks 14-31

On the second level students should have studied English for about 6 months. They should already know some basic everyday vocabulary about home, family and their environments, plus some simple conversational sentences. They will be introduced to verbs and prepositions and more descriptive sentences.

Themes: park, home, animals, games, kitchen, friends, family, colors, clothes, body

Level 3

Chapters 8-11 Weeks 32-50

On the third level students should have studied English for about a year. they should already be comfortable with some basic everyday vocabulary and conversational sentences. During this level they will be introduced to more complex sentence structures as well as numbers and counting.

Themes: adjectives, colors, weather, toys, animals, fruits and vegetables, entertainment and technology, classroom, shapes, arts and crafts, baking

Level 4

Chapters 12-15 Weeks 51-66

On level four students should have studied English for about a year and a half or longer. This is a significantly more advanced level that starts to incorporate longer conversations, more complex sentences and longer story lines. Students do not have to understand everything that is said, but starting from this level they will get used to hearing a lot more English and learning to pick out familiar words from spoken word.

Themes: numbers, birthday, costumes, pets, kitchen, bathroom, colors, clothes, routines, feelings, jobs, ball games, months

Adjusting the starting level

  1. In your web browser, go to our Webtool ( and log in.
  2. Once you've logged in, go to ORGANIZATION in the top navigation bar.
  3. On the left under Groups, find the group for which you want to set the starting level.
    • Admins: You will first have to choose the Sub-organization on the left before you can see Groups.
  4. Click the Advanced actions below the group's students and teachers.
  5. You can view the level descriptions by clicking the question mark next to "Starting level". These will help you choose the correct level for your student group.
  6. Use the slider next to "Starting level" to choose the group’s starting level.
  7. Change the progression week to the first week of the new level. The first week of each level is listed in the level descriptions.
  8. Click "Save" to confirm the new level.
Note that the level setting is group-specific. If you have students on different levels, put the students in different groups according to their level.

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