Organization Structure

In our Webtool, the organization management is structured using a tree structure of organizations, sub-organizations, and kindergartens/schools. On this page we hope to explain the organization structure in more detail.

Let's assume that you are the owner of an international kindergarten chain, Moominvalley Kindergartens. Your main organization in our Webtool is therefore Moominvalley Kindergartens and you are the organization's admin.

Example of an organization structure
Example of an organization structure

Your kindergarten chain has branches in many countries with their own regional admin teams. Your main organization in our Webtool will therefore have sub-organizations for each country, such as your Finnish branch, Moominvalley Kindergartens Finland. These sub-organizations can have further sub-organizations if they include smaller administrative entities such as regions or cities.

Moominvalley Kindergartens Finland is a small branch with only two kindergartens that are managed by the country-level admin team. Therefore the sub-organizations under Moominvalley Kindergartens Finland are the individual kindergartens.

The children and teachers in each kindergarten are divided into groups (👥 symbol in the example organization illustration above). One of your kindergartens in Finland, Kindergarten Sunshine, has divided the children in their care into four groups. Like in actual kindergartens, the teachers in a kindergarten in our Webtool can see all the children in their kindergarten, but they can only access the application content of the groups to which they have been assigned. Similarly, our Webtool allows your regional admins to see and manage only the organizations under their administration, but not other organizations.

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